Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm gettin there!

Great weekend with Schatt at SP main. The morning sessions were run in the mid-70's which is just beautiful for an air-cooled car. I decided to put on my sticker Hoos to see if they would improve things. Since I broke my video camera on Saturday and no one put up a beacon I didn't get any lap times for the first run. I can say this, the new tires fixed all kinds of issues from Saturday. Particularly turn 3. I couldn't hit 3 comfortably all day on Saturday. New tires and all my troubles went away. Hoosiers are crack cocaine plain and simple. The first session felt really really good.

I did get some times from the second session and am very pleased with the results. I had a few clear laps and put together some laps back to back in the mid- 1:26's. That's good for now. On any given day the track can vary time wise, particularly after a big rain, so I'm pretty happy at the moment.

The bad news is that I went too deep trying to chase a screaming BMW into turn 1 and flat spotted the heck out of one of my 2 heat cycle old Hoosiers. At least it was only one and at least I stayed in the turn and not the gravel.

Overall, good result even if it ended early.

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