Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back on track!

FATT on Friday and 2 days with Schatt at Summit Point Main. So far so good. The car defintely feels stiff. Real stiff.

Ride height is lowered. Real low! CV boots are rubbing a little. Now you might think that would mean raising the ride height. Not when you are talking to a race mechanic! A race mechanic gets a hammer, a big one, and a punch and just starts banging away until the offending piece of bodywork is beaten out of the way.

Softened the front sway a touch. The track feels a little slippery after then huge rain a few days ago so my understeer may go away as more rudder gets ground in.

I was hoping to see some better times but it may take a few more track days to dial it in and learn the new setup.

Big thanks to Marc Francis from OG Racing for the shop gloves!

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