Monday, May 31, 2010

Great Weekend at the Glen!

Wow! Too much fun! But when is Watkins Glen not fun?

Friday practice was pretty rough. First race weekend and first time at the Glen in a year. Times were bad in the morning but during the practice starts and the fun race I picked it up a little.

I placed 8th in Sprint 1 and 5th in Sprint 2. Not too bad. The hometown boys have a pretty big advantage up there. Track time is everything! I wish I could get there more.

The enduro was a blast for about an hour then things went bad. I battled it out with number 277 and number 112 for the first 35 minutes. Loads of fun. I learned a whole lot chasing those guys. Watching them really helped me clean up my line in T8 and 9. I was really hitting the bus stop well also.

Highlights coming soon!

Here's a video of my mishap in the Toe:

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