Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Showdown with NASA!

Great weekend!  Total SPB domination by the 611 Racing Team!  NASA is just a fun group to race with.  This event I entered the Time Trial as well.  That was interesting.  It made for a ton of track time.  Unfortunately I was much heavier than in SPB race trim but I ended up winning $100 Toyo bucks on Sunday!

The races were pretty fun.  My main competition broke on Saturday morning before the race even started so that left me to race with a rookie who had never been to Summit Point before.  He did a great job for his second race weekend.  For never having been to SP he wasn't too far off the pace.

I was pretty happy with my lap times as at a prior Audi Club DE I was slooooooow and I was starting to worry that maybe my recent alignment was bad or I was down on power or any other excuse besides the driver :).  It turns out that the limits you'll push in a race setting are exponentially higher than a DE.  That is for me anyway.  I saw may times in the mid to low 1:26's which if consistent is competitive.  It would be better to be consistent in the low 26's to high 25's.  I got a fantastic start in the Saturday Sprint!

I hold the current lap record for SPB at SP though :).  Turns out they are counting the new re-instated Spec Boxster class as all new.  Hooray for me!

Here are some videos of the weekend.