Wednesday, June 22, 2011


OK, first weekend of racing with the new car. The car has some issues but nothing keeping me off the track. Took it to Piper Motorsport to be checked over and get some little things taken care of.

The first thing I learned on track was the THIS IS NOT THE 911! I drove it exactly the same way I drove the 911. That really won't work with this car. I need to brake much later and keep braking into the turn taking advantage of the ABS. I cannot take my foot off the gas as this has considerably less power. Momentum is the key. I also need a coach :)

Saturday was awful. Really bad. Sunday was great! I just need track time to work on these things and learn to drive a Boxster. One thing I was a little worried about was the power steering. It's so easy and doesn't give you near the feedback of the 911 that I was concerned I may not react quickly enough to directional changes since the wheel doesn't react at all. It was all good though. The power steering was really nice during the 40 minute enduro. Usually I'm looking for the checker after 30 minutes but at 40 minutes I could have gone another 40.

Anyhoo, I ended on a high as the Sunday race was a huge improvement over Saturday. My laptimes came down about 2.5 seconds! I do have a long way to go but that's the fun!

Next up Rolex Grand-Am weekend at Thunderbolt!

Here are some vids from the weekend: