Monday, August 8, 2011

Rolex Weekend

Holy Crap it was hot! Real hot! Africa hot! You get the picture. It was hot. Loads of fun though. The track temps were well north of 120 degrees which made tire management critical. I ran a staggered set up which was a mistake. With the narrower front tire I heated them up too fast. That octopus, while fun, is a tire eater. The thunderbolt track is made for this car. I was one of two cars in the field on Toyos. Everyone else was on Hoosiers. I was astonished at how the SPB would keep up with the Hoosier cars in the Octopus. We are so light that a track of mostly turns is a blast.

Next week I'm going to play with a square set up. I've adjusted my front sway bar and fitted the wider front tires. I'll either spin immediately or it'll be great.

Here is a video from the weekend. It was a crazy start and the first few laps were intense until my tires went away: