Monday, August 16, 2010


Great weekend with the Porsche Club at Summit Point. My student was a very pleasant surprise. It rained on Friday and he handled it just fine. Actually he handled it very, very well. He wasn't quite flat out but he will get there soon.

Weather was a major factor. I must have changed tires 100 times anticipating a wet or dry or drying track. Fantastic practice in the wet. I went out on a damp track with the Hoosier R6's on. Without going too crazy I got a good feel for how they are on a wet track. I had two opportunities to run the Hoosier wets. These things should be illegal! I know they can go faster but it just doesn't seem possible. It was pouring rain and I had the entire track to myself. I wish it had gone on for another 30 minutes because I got a little bolder each time around. Your brain just screams that you can't go that fast in the rain but you can! It was a very good weekend for rain practice.

We did get some dry sessions. I was able to set a personal best of a 1:26:39 as determined by my new G2X purchsed at OG Racing. This thing is great! My chief engineer, Jeff, installed it in a few hours in his boiling hot garage. He is the man because I'm pretty sure he lost a few pounds out there. He also overlayed my laps with Scott's and we were able to see where I need to be more agressive. It's very helpful to know exactly where you are losing time. I was able to focus on T9 and saw some gains right away. If you don't have data you should think about getting some soon.

I also ran with my new front oil cooler. Sooooo much better. Temps never got to 200. I was running at 250 or a touch above even in mild weather before Performance Auto Works put in the cooler. Great improvement. Knowing I don't have to worry about temps will keep me from backing off a few laps in to save the motor.

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