Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Plan B!

It seems that the beginning of the racing season may not be the best time to order stuff. My rear Konis are back ordered until the end of June. Big bummer. Plan B is now in full swing. Since the engine is out I can get the rear shocks out in seconds. TruChoice can re-valve for my specific application in a week for a small extra fee. What that means is that my schedule has been moved up! I'll now be able to get the car back together sooner! I'll have my re-valved shocks next week instead of May 1! Yeah!

Now if I could only find some talent by the end of April . . .

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  1. Hope to see you back on the track this year. You may want to wear the blue suit with the red tie this weekend. That's a really good look for you. I'll miss you...


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